Malomvölgyi tavak

One of the most popular excursion destinations will be renewed

The watchtower will be renovated, a new stadium will be built, additional woodland benches and tables will be put in place, and the car park will be renewed at the popular excursion venue for residents of Pecs, at Malumphulje Lakes – the local government in Pecs has announced.

In an announcement to the local authority, it was indicated that the development was undertaken by Biokom NKft. Municipal owned, which performs city administration functions in Pécs. Part of the park regeneration program that was launched in recent months.

It was announced that the vicinity of the Nike statue over the city, on the Mecsek side, is lookout not far from it, and similar works are taking place on the panoramic promenade in Tete.

In the next few weeks, a car park and watchtower will be renovated, a wooden bridge will be renovated, new woodland furniture and fireplaces will be built, and a new playground will be built in Malomvölgy Lakes, a park forest that is very popular among Pecs who spend their free time.

Attention is drawn to the fact that those who come to the lakes will also find amazing novelty, as they will also create a sandy “yard” on the shores of a lake, suitable for building sand castles for the young and for sunbathing by the adults.

The announcement indicated that the six-kilometer walkway along the shores of the lakes had been expanded and covered with gravel as part of the Valley Mill business.

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