One of the most important milestones in Netflix history may come

One of the most important milestones in Netflix history may come

It is approaching an important milestone in the operation of a US streaming service provider called Netflix, where the demand for self-produced series and purchased content will stabilize in the coming year. This means that most people will soon be looking for the platform because of the Netflix original movies and series, and not because of productions from other studios.

A recent research by TV analytics company Parrott found demand for content from Netflix, Hulu Now, Showtime (Twin Peaks) and Starz (Black Sails). As a result, demand for movie studio content on Netflix is ​​down 10.9% this year, while 12% are showing more interest in their content now than last year.

Parrot predicts that 50% of Netflix’s US audience will visit the platform in October 2019 solely due to the company’s proprietary content.

In the last few years of the company’s 21 years of existence, Netflix has discovered that it will only be able to survive if it starts producing special content. New series and movies have already been released in large numbers this year. In 2018 anyway $13 billion spent for their own shows.

ClarificationSource: AFP / Anadolu Agency / Aytac Unal

At first, they mainly relied on content from other studios and producers, but now they can increasingly rely on their own. And there is a great need for this, as the recent trend is for anyone who knows to launch their own streaming platform from the competition. Disney will release its own movie next year, so Marvel movies will soon be removed from Netflix shows, and many popular Marvel-Netflix series have also been cut. The cause of the greatest outrage from these was the deletion of Daredevil.

The battle between Netflix and traditional media companies has already begun. One was that Netflix had to pay $100 million to AT&T, which owns Warner Media studio, to keep the ’90s series, Good Friends, running next year.

house of paperSource: Netflix

Parrot’s research also revealed that legacy content is still very important to user loyalty.

Skeptics of Netflix say that it will be a real disaster when the friends of the platform, the office, or Grace’s clinic are off the stage.

On the other hand, Netflix is ​​preparing for this scenario by serially producing subscription-worthy or pro-brand movies and series. This subtitle includes

  • Mudbound (2018, 4 Oscars)
  • Icarus (2018, Oscar)
  • Winter on Fire: The Ukrainian Fight for Freedom (2016, Academy Award nomination)
  • The White Helmets (2017, Oscar)
  • Card Castle
  • Orange is the new black
  • Weird things
  • the crown

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