One of the most famous tracks in America is coming to Gran Turismo 7

It appears that Gran Turismo 7’s 25th Anniversary Update will include Road Atlanta, one of the most iconic tracks in the United States.

Polyphony Digital’s 25th Anniversary content update for Gran Turismo 7 promises to be even bigger than we initially thought. Not only will new cars arrive, but it also looks like the legendary track will become playable.

reliable one German news source According to Road America, it will also come to the GT7, where the 10-hour long-distance Petit Le Mans race is held each year.

Michelin Raceway Atlanta, located in Hall County, Georgia, is a 2,540-mile (4,088 km) tarmac track that hosts various types of American racing, especially sports car racing.

Road Atlanta will be the 12th to be added to the US region’s list, if and when it happens. Watkins Glen International was the latest track from this region to be released for Gran Turismo 7.

The US Gran Turismo 7 region does not currently have any tracks that can host rain races, but for Watkins Glen, to Daytona And like Interlagos, Road Atlanta is often used to stage rainy races.

The Gran Turismo World Series Grand Finals will take place in Monaco from November 24-27, and the 25th Anniversary Update is expected to be released just before that on the 24th. In any case, it will be useful for players to follow the news regarding Gran Turismo.

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