Elhunyt a szovjet jégkorong egyik legendás alakja

One of the legendary characters of Soviet hockey died

Viktor Sofalov, the legendary figure in the Soviet hockey game, died in Moscow at the age of ninety-seven. According to the IIHF website, the Russian Federation has confirmed his death. According to press reports, Sofalov died of complications from infection with the Coronavirus.

Sofalov first climbed on ice in Chelyabinsk in 1947, but was more popular in snowball in the Soviet Union. After seeing the success of the hockey tournament formed in 1946-47, his team changed the sport. Soon the talented Sovalov joined the Air Force team, VVSZ Moscow, which he won three championships before the federation merged into the Soviet hockey show team, CSKA Moscow, which has defined the sport for decades and is almost the same as the national sport. Team.

He was a key player in the Soviet national team, which won a gold medal in the international arena in both the World Cup and the Olympics. He finished the World Cup in Stockholm with eight points (7 + 1), succeeded twice in the final against Canada, and contributed six points (4 + 2) to his five-ring victory in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

After Suvalov’s career, he worked as a coach in sports, dealing with a lot of changes and updates in the game. In the 1990s, he ran into financial difficulties and sold his Olympic gold medal for a thousand dollars. However, after searching for it in the United States and repurchasing it, the medal was received from Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2014 at a reception where the gold medal of the Russian national team was celebrated in Minsk.

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Open image: Wikipedia / Kremlin.ru

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