One of the largest cities in the world is slowly sinking

A new study reveals that New York may be sinking due to the mass of buildings.

New one Stady New York may be sinking because of skyscrapers and other large buildings, he writes ScienceAlert. Experts modeled the city’s geology taking into account the mass of the buildings, and compared the results to satellite data.

The decline can be observed in many cities of the world, and various factors may be behind it, for example, Tehran may be in trouble due to the decrease in groundwater.

In the case of New York, subsidence of 1-2 mm per year occurs, the process being faster in some parts of the city and slower in others.

In New York, the main problem seems to be caused by the increased mass of buildings. This phenomenon is particularly alarming in light of the rising sea level, the city is becoming more and more vulnerable.

Alexandre Spatari / Getty Images

“The purpose of this study is to raise awareness that any additional tall buildings on the coast, riverbank or lakeshore may contribute to future flood risk,” USGS geologist Tom Parsons and colleagues said.

The team calculated the total weight of nearly a million buildings in New York, which is approximately 764 million tons. Roads, sidewalks, bridges, railways and other structures were not taken into account, and the results were compared with satellite data. The analysis showed that the soil rich in clay and the artificial embankment are particularly vulnerable to subsidence.

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