One of the largest car manufacturers in the world is buying a Hungarian company

One of the largest car manufacturers in the world is buying a Hungarian company

Stellantis, which currently operates as the world’s fifth-largest car manufacturing group, has announced that it will buy the Hungarian company aiMotive, which is world-renowned for developing artificial intelligence and advanced driving support systems.

The startup, which is also involved in developing the self-driving system for Sony’s electric car, continues to operate as a subsidiary of Stellantis, while maintaining its operational independence and startup culture, Stellantis wrote in its announcement.

This acquisition will significantly advance Stellantis’ AI and self-driving technology, expand its global talent pool, and fuel medium-term development of the all-new STLA AutoDrive platform.

ClarificationSource: AFP/Jeff Kowalski

It adds that aiMotive’s suite of technology products focuses on four key areas of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving Electric cars. The first is aiDrive, which provides a built-in software package for self-driving. The second is aiData, which focuses on AI operations and data tools. The third is aiWare, which provides expertise for silicon microchips, and the fourth is aiSim, which supports the development of autonomous driving using software simulations.

aiMotive is headquartered in Budapest, but also has offices in Germany, the United States and Japan, with a total of more than 200 highly qualified employees worldwide.

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