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One of the graphics modes is faulty and the other is stable [VIDEO]

One of the graphics modes is faulty and the other is stable [VIDEO]

The embargo on the Square Enix game has ended, and many people have already tested the full game, so publications can also report on its performance.

The game uses Unreal Engine 4, and while it's polished, according to the Digital Foundry analysis embedded below, it's not consistent enough in terms of asset quality and lighting. So Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's technology is somewhat hampered by Epic Games' aging technology (Unreal Engine 5 has been around for a long time).

There are two graphic modes available in the entire game. Performance mode lowers the resolution, but attempts to run Final Fantasy VII Rebirth at 60fps, while Quality mode runs next week's game at 30fps at a higher resolution. According to Digital Foundry, the native resolution of Performance mode is approx. 1152p, but we could perceive it differently in the demo due to poor upscaling. While Square Enix has tweaked this, it uses a technique that focuses on doubling the closest pixel, perhaps not very well. The frame rate cannot remain stable at around 60 FPS, because in the case of larger battles, and when there are many NPCs, it drops to around 50 FPS.

In Quality mode, the world is more detailed and closer to native 4K resolution, but in some cases native resolution may drop to around 1440p. There are no scaling issues here, and in most cases it maintains a steady 30fps. It's very rare to see it drop to 29fps! According to Digital Foundry, there's no motion blur during camera movements, which can look a bit unsightly.

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Since Final Fantasy VII Rebirth isn't as hectic a hack'n'slash game as Devil May Cry V, 30fps might be a better option, as it provides a more stable and beautiful experience. For this reason, it is probably recommended to choose Quality mode instead of Performance mode, as it will not be so annoying. The game is scheduled to be released on February 29 on PlayStation 5.

source: WCCFTech

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