One of the best soccer players in the world is also appearing behind the NFT company

Kylian Mbappe is only 24 years old, but last year in Qatar he was on the verge of becoming a two-time world champion, and specialized portals consider him the most expensive football player in the world, and since the summer of 2022 he has been trying himself. As an investor in the fantasy football game Sorare NFT.

Top international football observers need not be introduced to Sorare fantasy gamewhich this season includes English The main sponsor of the Premier League It also appears from time to time in broadcast matches. However, few people know that the platform’s investors include three world soccer champions, Messi, Griezmann and Mbappe. French startup Mbappé’s first Web3 investment, and the only Mbappé NFT released in private co-production, sold instantly for €416,000.

As part of the collaboration, Sorare contributes to Mbappé’s “Inspired By KM” (IBKM) civic program, which develops educational projects and helps disadvantaged youth discover the possibilities offered by Web3 technology. With 1.8 million users and an estimated enterprise value of $4.3 billion, Sorare provides training, conferences, other materials and a special diploma for the young people IBKM works with.

There have been reports of Mbappe in the past stating that he is very aware of his life off the field, with his father and advisor Delphine Verheiden firmly focused on building his personal brand and investing the millions earned in the field. The European Union Intellectual Property Office has registered five trademarks of the football player: KM EDITION, KM MODE, ZEBRA VALLEY, SAZILEY PROD and OHZORA.

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The most famous player sponsors are Nike, Hublot, Dior, Oakley and EA Sports FIFA, which also assigns a huge role to Mbappé in changing the global brand. The 2026 World Cup will be held in the US (in addition to Canada and Mexico), so Mbappe is growing in popularity abroad as well, most recently appearing in an Air Zoom Mercurial commercial on giant projectors in New York’s Times Square. Zebra Valley has partnered with the NBA to reach and unite football and basketball fans. By the way Sorare is also expanding into the NBA, So the threads definitely move together here as well.

In addition to his success in sports and business, Mbappe is also a pioneer in charity, in 2018, for example, he gave all his rewards to the Premiers de Cordée Foundation, which helps sick children. The IBKM charitable organization has already been mentioned, and the French Football Federation decided to direct its rewards after the matches of its country’s national team to charitable purposes.

As the player said: “I earn enough money, so I think it’s important to help those who need it. Many people are suffering or sick. It’s easy for people like us to reach out to these people. It won’t change my life, but it will change their lives, and if it is possible, This makes me very happy.”

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