Nagy változás előtt a Google egyik kedvelt alkalmazása

One of my favorite Google apps before the big change

According to Google, in the future, it will highlight the roads in which the car is expected to emit the least amount of carbon dioxide when it reaches its destination. The application will take into account the current traffic data and characteristics of specific road sections in order to recommend the most environmentally friendly route for the driver – Portfolio quotes ABCT.

The company said the innovation will debut in the United States in late 2021, after which a global rollout will begin.

So when starting out, Google Maps will present an eco-friendly route by default to the car driver, who of course will have the option to choose another route or turn the feature off. In the event that alternative routes can be accessed significantly faster, Google will present an option, giving users the opportunity to compare individual routes based on the estimated emissions.

The company also announced that, starting in June, Google Maps will warn drivers that if they reach an area where traffic is restricted to vehicles with high emissions.

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