One of his biggest rivals also has a lot to do with Alonso’s current success

Fernando Alonso has had a great start to the 2023 Formula 1 season with the Aston Martin team, where, according to the English team boss, the big-name driver also plays a key role.

Three races, three podiums and three third places – this is what “rookie” Aston Martin Fernando Alonso has done so far in the English team. The 41-year-old Spaniard, twice world champion, retired at the end of last season and was replaced by Sebastian Vettel, but he has achieved much more success than his predecessor.

The long-time German world champion, with whom Alonso waged long-distance battles for the world championship, spent the last two seasons of his career with Silverstone, and he could not be too proud of his output: he was able to show only one podium place in 42 races (Paco , 2021), but at the same time Mike According to our team president Crack, Alonso plays a very important role in the success of his team this year.

Sebastian Vettel has finally offered new advice for Aston Martin’s developmentSource: AFP / Ben Stansall

“Sebastian has a role to play in our current success. Last summer, we consulted several times, and he helped us with very important and useful advice. We do this, that, or just what we don’t. He was also involved in the development of antimicrobial resistance 23.”

To the question whether Vettel’s retirement was not early, after seeing the success of the development, Krack diplomatically replied that the German should be asked about this. “All we can do is respect the decision you made after a long consideration.”

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