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One normal, one reverse – tied in the Hungarian World Cup shirt tournament
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One normal, one reverse – tied in the Hungarian World Cup shirt tournament

The Hungarian national team was placed in the easy group, the heaviest women’s group in the water polo tournament at the Hungarian World Championships.

Tamas Marks The toughest opponent for his men’s team in the opening round of the match will be Montenegro – and this will be their first match – and will also face Brazil and Georgia.

“In a lottery like this, one always looks first at who he plays with, and based on that of course it can be said that the group win can be achieved, but then the Spanish or Italian team will probably get into the ‘way, which is very difficult,’” said a team captain. MTI.

The Judge Atilla The women’s national team led by. The outsider ordered the Hungarian team to stop on Margaret Island for the 2017 World Cup quarter-finals. The fourth member of the group will be Colombia’s promising World Cup squad.

“Most importantly, thanks to the good performance in previous years, we were there in the top hat again this time. Our goal is to maintain this position in the future, that is to be in the top four teams in the world. I am happy that we have group matches against Italy. And Canada will allow us to build ourselves up for the second most important week.

Surely no one would be happy to play with the third-placed in our group

– Evaluation of the judge on the association’s website.

In addition to the large pool at Hajós Pool, Debrecen, Sopron and Szeged host group matches for the water polo tournament. In each city there will be group fights for men and women, i.e. fans will be able to watch two matches in the afternoon – except for Margaret Island, where the Hungarian men’s and women’s teams will play, here to avoid collision with – the swimming match and the first matches at 7.30 pm – the Hungarians begin to Water from 9 pm.

Water polo tournament collection

the group: Hungary, Montenegro, Brazil and Georgia
Group B: Greece, Germany, Croatia, Japan
Group C: Spain, Italy, South Africa, Canada
Group D: Serbia, Australia, Kazakhstan, United States

a woman
the group: Hungary, Italy, Canada, Colombia
Group B: United States, Netherlands, Argentina, South Africa
Group C: Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Kazakhstan
Group D: Spain, France, Thailand, Greece

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