One could still claim one of the government wage subsidies

One could still claim one of the government wage subsidies

RDI wage support is available to companies, regardless of sector, for engineers, researchers, IT professionals, and current and newly hired employees, among others. The support amount provided in the program for a period of three months per capita may not exceed HUF 318,920 per month. The amount granted is received in this way by the employer, and he is obligated to re-employ his employees affected by the support for a period of at least three months, and he may not reduce their wages.

Most of the employees received orders from Veszprém County, Bács-Kiskun County, the capital and Pest county. The most demanding companies come mainly from manufacturing, information communication, and professional, scientific and technical activities.

A detailed documentation of the RDI wage subsidy program is available at Applications can be submitted to the county employment department or the government office in the relevant capital according to the employer’s office or registered place of office until February 22, 2021.

In the wake of the emergency measures, the government has likewise extended the request for sector wage support until March 10, 2021. Thus, support for workers in the tourism, hospitality and entertainment sectors, who have been in a difficult situation due to the Coronavirus, will also go to wages in February.

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