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One by one, heat records are being broken in the United States
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One by one, heat records are being broken in the United States

Heat waves hit each other in the United States. According to the Americans, the heat is already severe. Over the weekend, a heat alert was issued to 900 million people, many people fell ill in the unbearable heat, and several deaths were reported in this regard. The thermometer shows values ‚Äč‚Äčabove 40 degrees. Even being on the beaches is annoying. Pedestrians dive into the fountains.

In one week, 1,068 heat records were broken, 359 in the daytime, and 709 in the highest temperature at night

she says Axios. On a monthly basis, this number is already 4259: 1403 days and 2856 nights.

Drought is a big problem, especially since Texas is currently affected by drought that is limiting production.

Nearly a third of Americans are at risk of severe heat

A state of emergency has been declared in California due to the largest wildfire in the country. In a large part of the United States It’s alarmingly hotTrains are also slowed down so that infrastructure is not damaged.

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