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once again! Creative energies needed for sustainability (x)

once again!  Creative energies needed for sustainability (x)

MVM Paksi Atomerömű Zrt is an exceptional element of the local energy system in many respects. The power plant plays an essential role in maintaining security of supply, achieving climate protection goals, and ensuring residential electricity prices, which are the lowest in Europe, with its CO2-free, stable and safe electricity production, regardless of the weather. and time of day, which covers approximately one-third of total national consumption. In addition, it promotes the visibility of aspects of sustainability in several other ways, for example by supporting the formation of social attitudes and education. We talked about this with Christina Ivanyi, senior communications expert at Pakse Nuclear Power Plant, once again! Creative energy With the author of the magazine and Antal Kovacs, communications director of the power plant, and head of the information and visitors centre.

– How do you think about the importance of your work on the path to a sustainable economy?

Christina Ivany: I am convinced that we must make the concepts and principles of sustainability, value stability, awareness and recycling a regular part of daily life as soon as possible in order to achieve positive change and leave a livable world for our children and grandchildren. I believe that all is not lost yet and that we are capable of achieving a positive transformation, but this requires from all of us much greater awareness and responsibility than it is now.

The Pakse Nuclear Power Plant is not only doing its part in this mission as the country's most important and climate-friendly power plant, but is also trying to respond to the challenge that goes beyond the energy field, given its capabilities. On the one hand, we actively contribute to protecting clean air, and on the other hand, we try to encourage others to do the same, by offering help and ideas on how to make everyday life more sustainable.

Photo: MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt company archive

The climate crisis is causing anxiety in many people: but if we do something for a good cause through active action, ingenuity and creativity, we can also ease the feeling of vulnerability – not only in ourselves, but also in those around us. If everyone took advantage of their opportunities with a little care, it could bring about fundamental changes. Personal experience of the sustainability solutions available to individuals also planted in me the idea of ​​the Creative Energy Programme, which then became a reality with the support of Anti.

Antal Kovacs: I believe that with our work, we are fulfilling a kind of mission, since the Pakse Nuclear Power Plant is irreplaceable in the country's carbon-neutral energy supply, and nuclear energy, in addition to renewable energy sources, is also an important tool in the fight against global warming. If we feel responsible for the future of future generations, it is essential that we satisfy the world's rapidly growing hunger for electricity with clean, environmentally friendly and reliable technologies such as nuclear energy. I also feel that this is vital as a family man who loves nature and sports, which is why I was so happy when Christina introduced the idea of ​​creative energy, because with this we can support a cause of social importance, the benefit and right of our existence is beyond doubt, which fits perfectly with our friendly activities. For climate. I also consider it important, in addition to education – which I place particular emphasis on even during my private or sports-related speeches – that this form of information transmission is realistic and authentic, which I believe largely determines its effectiveness.

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Photo: MVM Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt company archive

– What considerations guided the creative energy program and its approval! When was the magazine founded?

EC: The Innovative Energy Program of the Pakse Nuclear Power Plant was launched in 2016 with the aim of supporting environmental awareness and reducing waste production by promoting and enhancing the conservation of existing values. The focus of the initiative is Do It Yourself! The idea of ​​the movement was to offer the joy of creativity with their hands, which over the years has been brought closer to millions through national competitions for furniture painters and upcycling artists, and later through a free magazine aimed at presenting the best works as examples.

And since the magazine, which came out in print in the early days – which was also considered to fill the gap at that time – was very well received, we drew more and more from different dimensions of the conscious lifestyle, with the ultimate goal. We had already, many years ago, introduced the idea of ​​“ Circular Economy”, which was still just a taste of the day, and we aimed to popularize it. once again! Alkotó Energia magazine tries to play an important role in transmitting information related to sustainability, conscious lifestyle and recycling, and in the development of communities, by trying to talk about these “big” things, which we often feel far from ourselves, by showing everyday things to ordinary people. As examples in a “small” way. We also try to give space to creatives, artists and companies that are creating in the spirit of awareness and sustainability, so that we can also provide our readers with ideas, inspiring ideas and realized examples. We try to develop mindful, realistic and stimulating topics on issues that affect our future; We try to provide understandable, objective – and hopefully interesting – information on the topics of the circular economy and sustainability.

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– Why do you think it is important to talk about sustainability in addition to energy?

EC: The environment – take just the weather – is sending out new warning signals every day, all of which point to the need to rethink how much we really need and how we use our resources. This topic goes beyond energy, it affects many areas of life – energy is at the same time a great starting point, because the fact that we try to use electricity and gas sparingly and consciously is already part of the public consciousness. Hence, we should go ahead and extend this approach to everything else, but not just to the goods we consume, but also to the way we treat ourselves and our relationships.

The cause of sustainability can be promoted in many ways, even in the form of a fun and/or useful hobby: Anxiety resulting from a feeling of helplessness is not a necessary state of mind at all. Part of the sustainable way of treating ourselves is that we try to learn new useful things, create and be creative with new knowledge, through which we not only create value but also experience the positive mental impact of it. Because during this process there is a high possibility that we will come into contact with new people, become part of new communities and contribute to their development, we can also experience a connection that gives us security, and which also improves the mental state.

-Anti, where do you see the place of nuclear energy in the sustainable energy system of the future?

K: An increasingly pressing question today is how to meet the world's growing energy needs in an environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable way – that is, in a way that preserves the habitability of the Earth for future generations. The use of electricity is increasing rapidly, partly due to the rapid spread of electric cars and equipment that provides electrical cooling and heating. Increasing the use of weather-driven renewable energy and energy storage options is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for solving the problem or replacing fossil sources, so we cannot give up on building and operating nuclear power plants that can predictably produce large amounts of clean energy. Power supply must be ensured even when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing.

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Considering the entire life cycle, indicators for nuclear power plants are also among the most relevant in terms of CO2 emissions and environmental footprint. The advantages of nuclear energy production are well illustrated by the operation of the Pakse Nuclear Power Plant. While a nuclear power plant accounts for half of domestic electricity production, and provides almost continuous power, its harmful emissions are about zero. Thanks to the high energy density of uranium used as fuel, the space requirements for heating materials in a nuclear power plant, which are sufficient for two years, are relatively modest (in essence, corresponding to an average apartment with a floor area of ​​50-60 square meters), and the amount of waste generated is small. Contrary to popular belief, the incidence of cancer in the vicinity of a power plant is also lower than the national average. Continuous improvements have made the Pakse Nuclear Power Plant one of the safest facilities of its kind in Europe, which can withstand, for example, an earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale.

– What are your experiences and how do students of your lectures and guests of the nuclear plant visitor center receive what you say?

K: The Museum and Visitor Center receives approximately forty thousand visitors annually, including those who come to us without the support of using this technology. We tell our guests all the details without any taboos, we try to explain everything to them and encourage them to ask anything, and they will get answers to all their questions. By the way, the most common question is, should we be afraid of the nuclear power plant, should we be afraid that something will go wrong… We usually answer such questions by saying that we, who work at the power plant, live here in the immediate vicinity of the power plant Electricity generation. Here we have everything that is important to a person: our family, our friends, and our home. When we come to work – on Sundays, at Christmas, even at night – we do our work, our lives and our values ​​float before our eyes: when we take care of them, we take care of the whole country. Nuclear power plant workers understand their work, are aware of their responsibilities, and have the appropriate training and experience necessary to operate such a dangerous plant: this is one of the most important guarantees for the safe operation of the Pakse Nuclear Power Plant. (x)

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