On Thin Ice, Housemarque Balances a Returnal Story

Studio Sony said it wasn’t easy to fathom the PlayStation 5’s exclusive return story.

VGC quoted from an interview that he will publish it later. The interviewee was Evi Korhonen, who worked at Returnal as a senior narrative designer at Housemarque. It has a complex history, and the process of writing it has been likened to walking a thin rope, in which players can experience the story in a more complex, non-linear form.

Greg Lowden, Korhonen’s president and director of the game’s narrative, also wanted to reveal both sides of Returnal. Korhonen wanted to make it more mysterious for players to piece together elements of the story with the community, while Louden (accepting this) wanted to be at least somewhat able to explain Returnal’s story. In the game, the story is implemented in shorter doses anyway, and the player may appear to see random videos, but there are also longer audio recordings and written material. But we don’t find it in order, so Returnal really works like it’s full of mystery.

According to Korhonen, it’s hard to see even with the preparations for the score, and the pace of the story can only be experienced in-game, because there really is a question about the overall impact of the other elements. . They’ve been cropped to the last minute, edited, and scripted to give you a somewhat clearer picture. He followed the sub-version of the game and saw that there were good and smaller discoveries, but he also hoped to find what the studio is hiding regarding the Sisyphus Tower. It’s not a big secret, it’s a great philosophical allusion to the name, but so far no one has found it and no one has connected the two points, but maybe someone is doing it now. (Sysyphus’s work…?)

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Housemarque’s Next IP is in a relatively early stage of development and we don’t know much about it. Korhonen hopes that some of the content cut from Returnal can carry over to this game (which will likely be designed for PlayStation 5 and PC). The Back She is ambitious. The Finnish team set big goals, but they still have a lot to miss (ideas and systems related to the narrative) and hope that these are what they will be able to implement in the history of the new IP.

source: VGC

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