On their wedding day, they watched the flood take their home

The Australian couple lost everything. So is their dog that was in the house when it was swept away by the submerged river.

Lives in Mondrock, Australia Smooch Edge And the Sarah flying He was going to get married on Saturday. According to tradition, they spent Friday nights separately, and the next morning they watched from the other side of a flooded river as their house was swept away by everything in it – mentioned a The local press.

We lost everything – He said Edge of Australian TV news 9News adding to their beloved dog Layla He was also at home when the building was washed away by the submerged river. The man said he didn’t even want to think about what the puppy trapped in the building might have been through.

The spouses could not even meet on Sunday due to the barriers, they didn’t even have their clothes left, and they also had to borrow it from their relatives. The man said everything happened in an instant and the building disappeared into the river in just ten minutes.

Meanwhile, the unfortunate couple spent more than A hundred thousand Australian dollars (23.8 million Ft) in just two days. Collected On one of their online fundraising site, a real estate agent has already found a home for them where they can start their life over again.

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