On the sidelines of the Attila Kaszás Prize Awards 2020

On the sidelines of the Attila Kaszás Prize Awards 2020

Dear students, teachers and parents! Greetings to everyone who is now in this strange virtual space. Students who are now graduating have been called out by many generations and many times, but even in our wildest dreams we didn’t think they’d say goodbye to the apple matrix in “home office” mode.

I think many of us would have imagined that computer viruses would cause the global economy to collapse to stop life. However, few of us expected a small, true virus to cause a pandemic again in 100 years, changing the way the entire planet functions. It robs us of our hobbies and habits and prevents us from living our lives until now.

It also deprived many of the “lined up” here of a real opportunity for creative unfolding. Recitation contests and theater festivals have also been missed, so not much has been able to show how much it had developed in one year.

When they start to be born first – in the case of eighth graders in the fourth / fifth grade – it is not yet possible to know what will happen to them, where and how their personality will develop, and whether the gift of fapping will be revealed, or will remain hidden forever.

The world of theater, theater and cinema attracts many of them even at that era, and then many realize that he was not invented for them.

Maybe the hard work we haven’t experienced anywhere, the inner discipline, the demands of constant focus, maybe it’s just textual learning that alerts them – I don’t know. Anyway, thank God, there are a few in each row who stay, or stay, or even more immersed in the scent of theater.

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I have special talents in this class – a lot. He has already matured characters, with a serious professional background, a unique setting, a sophisticated theatrical flair, and a difficult opinion. The selection of the piece was not easy either, as many children and talented individuals had to be given a role, and there was a need to create an enjoyable performance, after the serious, sometimes gloomy themes of the past two years.

Ancona fans seemed to be an excellent item, as we later proved that we put on a good horse. Seedlings of actors can be wonderful on stage, bathing in the audience’s applause and love. This also makes my job very difficult, as I knew the director would call me in March to decide who would be the winner of this year’s Attila Caszas award.

I know we tell you often how hard it is … but it wasn’t a difficult task right now, but a near-impossible task – a bit like how the virus changed our lives. Which hand should I bite ?! No! With which hand should I bite my leg ?! You are too much!

There are many of you who have grown up in my heart over the past few years, with thousands of memories. I see his development from a young age, I’ve known him since he was 6-7 years old, I follow his stage performances, and I can personally see and test the height of his talent. The blessed work is mine, because I benefit from these miracles more than anyone can measure.

I finally decided – this year, too. Have you ever dreamed of whispering a little angel? (My daughter Rosie). I don’t know, but here it is, here it is: awesome, amazing and amazing!

It unites everything that is needed to one day be mentioned among the greatest artists. Moreover, his talent is coupled with humility and an adequate amount of rudeness.

You know what the profession means – along with all the pros and cons – there are very few things that could surprise him. No wonder, as she was the first to suck theater air into her stomach.

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However, or because of that, he never lived through the successes of his parents. His character paved the way. He trained himself, danced, sang, played. And according to independent experts, he has proven to be outstanding in all of this. He’s actually won every award he can get in this age group for dance and poetry – the actor’s parents can also justifiably be proud of their daughter.

He was accepted into the acting department of the Bratislava University of Performing Arts with the highest marks. With his performance, he stunned the scoring committee as well, as did Gimisz’s fans in love with Ancona as Lucia. This year’s winner: Ágota Réka Gál! Dear Rika, may God bless you on your journey!

(Monica Xagel Bajcay, Director of Gimisz)

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