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On the improved performance of the firmware update

On the improved performance of the firmware update

Technology news – Asus laptop is capable of up to 20% better performance, so we can safely say that in addition to sufficiently powerful hardware, we also need well-optimized software!

Dave to dr own video He noted that Asus has released a new firmware update for its portable Steam Deck competitor, ROG Ally, that addresses performance issues at lower power consumption (TDP) levels, resulting in up to a 20% improvement we can report. So far, it hasn’t been able to compete with Steam Deck at lower consumption levels, although the Asus ROG Ally has an AMD Ryzen Z1 APU, and that’s well above Valve’s AMD Van Gogh APU (it has a quad-core Zen 2 architecture that has half The number of CPU cores and four GPU clusters).

The new firmware has had such a good effect on the Asus that the laptop can compete with the Ayaneo 2S, which currently has a top AMD APU (Ryzen 7 7840U). But the Steam Deck is still in the lead with a consumption of 3W, although the APU in it can work directly even at low voltage, as it was designed in this way, because in this way we can use it for a longer period without charging, if we do not need high performance. In the case of better performance, we must look to the Asus product.

Before firmware update at 15W, Steam Deck during tests showed better frame rate in two out of five games (Red Dead Redemption 2, 720p, lowest graphics settings: 45fps, Asus ROG Ally ran 41; Marvel’s Spider-Man : Miles Morales, 720p, high graphics settings: 33 vs. 32 fps, it’s not much of a difference). After the update it outperformed the Steam Deck in all games and, in fact, achieved the same frame rate (63fps) as the Ayaneo 2S (Horizon Zero Dawn, 720p, settings optimized for performance), and only lags 2fps (Forza Horizon). 5, 720p, high graphics settings: 59-61). On the other hand, at 25W, the Ayaneo 2S outperformed the Asus ROG Ally in all five games tested… by 1-2 fps.

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So Asus is not sitting still, and it’s nice to see it.

source: WCCFTech

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