On the first day of the new school year, a teacher was beaten up for wearing masks in California

On the first day of the new school year, a teacher was beaten up for wearing masks in California

In some US states, the new school year has already begun. And at an elementary school in California, a conflict erupted between a parent and teacher from day one to work over the mandatory mask rule.

The teacher had to be hospitalized after being attacked Wednesday by a parent at an elementary school in Amador County, California, who was outraged by the institution’s mask-wearing rules – Writes Insider based on NBC News.

The incident occurred when a parent who had brought her daughter from Sutter Creek Elementary School saw that the little girl was wearing a face mask in accordance with Covid-19 regulations in the school district.

The father then got into a heated discussion with the headmaster over the matter, allegedly describing the situation as a “plot” and saying the children were “treated like animals” – Writes CNN.

A male teacher tried to intervene during the discussion to reassure the abbot, but in the end a quarrel ensued. Police in Sutter Creek have not arrested the student’s father, but said they are still investigating the case.

Tori GibsonAmador Conte United School District Principal said the teacher suffered bruises on his face and it became a large enough lump on the back of his neck as well as NBC Report Based on. The teacher was taken to the hospital for treatment but went home that day.

It is not clear if the father was infected, but he was prevented from going to school.

In a letter to families, Gibson wrote:

When the first day of teaching comes and goes, there are always smudges along the way, especially during this period of the human experience.

Then he reminded me that they are not the ones who make the rules, they just follow the rules.

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The epidemiological authorities required all schoolchildren to wear a mask by the start of the new school year. The recommendation was made because more and more children are getting sick from the delta variant of the coronavirus, but there is heated debate across the country about the obligation to wear a school mask.

In Georgia, parents of elementary school students clashed over an obligation to wear a mask, some allegedly spitting in the opposite camp – announce CNN.

A video released this week shows parents who don’t wear masks in Franklin, Tennessee, harassing mask-wearing parents outside a school board meeting after agreeing to a temporary mask-use obligation for elementary school students and staff. CNN also reported this story mentioned.

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