On horseback, refugees were organized in the United States with a whip

If there is anywhere, there is enormous, massive pressure on the border between Mexico and the United States: In addition to Venezuelans and Mexicans, thousands of Haitian refugees are now trying to enter the United States.

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Those who don’t want to wait for the official process at the border will cross the Rio Grande River, which separates the United States and Mexico, by the hundreds, but will not be greeted with hospitality in the Land of Promise. Although the president promised his predecessor a more humane policy towards refugees, Donald TrumpCompared to, so far, there have been news of border abuses.

In Texas, US border guards expelled Haitian immigrants over the weekend with a whip. According to news agency reports, the US border guards are overburdened, the refugee camps are unprepared for the influx of people, and it is likely that these facts are the reasons for the unacceptable actions.

After the incident, White House spokesman Jen Psack was asked about the use of horses and whips. In a country built on slavery Did he find it appropriate, to which the press secretary replied that he did not know the full context, but he could not imagine in what context it would be appropriate.

There is a political and environmental crisis in Haiti. In the Caribbean The president was assassinated in July, causing an internal political crisis, and in August a hurricane swept the island, followed by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake.

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