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Omicron: The pressure on Boris Johnson is too high now

In the case of the British, semi-autonomous nation-states are free to decide on pandemic policy. Thus, due to the highly contagious variant of the omicron virus, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have introduced further austerity measures, primarily affecting nightclubs – for example, nightclubs closed for three weeks to mourn many New Year’s Eve parties. In addition, the provisions for safe distance were reintroduced and the number of people who could meet at one time was limited.

However, the most populous part of the country, did not follow suit. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who can make the decision on behalf of the majority country, has come under tremendous pressure from anti-lockdown MPs and the public in recent weeks. Since there were many doubts about its credibility due to other political issues,

It is also a question of the political survival of Covid politics.

Therefore, England has not imposed any further restrictions yet, although government experts say this should have been done before Christmas.

The number of infections in Britain jumped to more than 122,000 a day, breaking a record over the weekend.

The archipelago’s statistics office estimates that 740,000 people, or one in every 35 British residents, contracted the coronavirus a week ago – but the rate could be higher after the record figure this weekend.

Although England is the only British country that has not been imprisoned, it has the highest infection rates. In London last weekend it was assumed that every 20 people were infected.

Johnson will receive updated data on the Monday after the Christmas holidays – such as whether the wave has peaked in London and is expected to announce on Tuesday whether he has opted for austerity. One option is to leave everything as it is now, and the other is to make recommendations only to prevent people from visiting each other to avoid another parliamentary rebellion. would be

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“Pure Sea Plan”.

The hard copy will already be executed legally.

This means restaurants and bars will only be able to keep their parks open and even open until March – all of which would cause another economic shock that society will find difficult to accept. Less likely is a “total closure” that could last until February, but with the government trying to keep schools open – a major controversial topic.

Extreme austerity is being held to the possibility that hospitals will not be able to handle the patient – however, as studies show omicron has lower risks of hospitalization, not many believe a ‘full lockdown’ may come to the UK.

Reinforcements brought back means that in scotlandPublic events should be within one meter. A maximum of 100 people can stand and 200 people can sit at indoor group events, there can be a maximum of 500 people outdoors at an event and a total of three families can sit together. You can only drink alcohol while sitting.

a for the people of Wales A company of six people can have fun in bars, cinemas or restaurants. A maximum of 50 guests are allowed for outdoor events, a maximum of 30 guests indoors and a minimum of 2 metres.

in Northern Ireland Also, companies of only six people can sit – strictly speaking – in bars, restaurants, and cafes. A Welsh waiter told the BBC his revenue had fallen 65% in recent weeks, and the additional restrictions were another blow.

In the Scots, Sunday’s Premier League matches were played in front of 500 spectators, while those in England were still full. But the Premier League has also been damaged by the omicron and many matches such as the Liverpool-Leeds match have also been cancelled.

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Opening photo: MTI / EPA / Andy Rain

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