Omicron is suspected to cause milder disease, but remains unconfirmed

Omicron is suspected to cause milder disease, but remains unconfirmed

Data from South Africa and Scotland also indicates that the omicron type of coronavirus does indeed cause a milder disease than before, but there are still many question marks.

People with omycronically and non-omicronically infected were identified in South Africa from early October to late November comparison. Those treated with Omicron had a fifth risk of hospitalization compared to those who developed another variant. But once they were hospitalized, they had the same chance of getting seriously ill.

Omicron-affected subjects were also compared to delta subjects recorded from April to November. Accordingly, Omicron patients were less likely to develop severe disease.

However, all this does not clearly prove that Omicron would cause less severe disease. It could skew data for a major delta wave in South Africa a few months ago, when many had natural protection. In addition, omicrons are better able to obtain protection from vaccines, causing mild illness in vaccines.

Photo: Nicholas Kokovelis/NoorPhoto/AFP

Meanwhile, in Scotland, they discovered that if the omicron behaves like a delta, then there would already be 47 infected in the hospital, but only 15 infected.Here, however, it is important to note that this is a very small number of cases and that there are quite a few older adults in the study who are actually at higher risk.

a Quoted from the BBC Experts say this is certainly good news, however, as omicrons spread at high speeds compared to deltas, and if a lot of people are infected, a lot of people can still be hospitalized. many European governments – The Hungarian is not among them So try to be careful until you know more about how the variable works.

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