Omega Director Janos Kubor spoke about his condition

Omega Director Janos Kubor spoke about his condition

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Janos Kubor was hospitalized more than two weeks ago. The Omega Commander’s condition remains serious, and as a man, fans and loved ones are excited about it.

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He’s been in the hospital for more than two weeks Janus KuborHowever, the status of the legend has not changed according to the leaked news.

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omega manager Andras Trancos a Plus facts He reacted narrowly to the issue of the singer’s presence.

Janos Kubor has been in the hospital for weeks
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He told Trancus Facts Plus on Monday: There was no change in his stray state.

This is worrying because, according to the news so far The singer’s condition is very severe, lying in a deep sleep on a ventilator In one of the capital’s hospitals.

as stated in pepper He recently wrote that Janos Kubor himself previously asked his family, manager, and band members not to share information about his condition with the outside world if anything happened to him.

“Even before we got to the hospital, we sat down to talk once. There was talk of what to do if something went wrong. He specifically asked me, Omega and his entire family for access to any case, and he doesn’t want anyone to know about it. He wanted to appear in people’s minds as if he had become a world star from our small country with his band. We obviously have a thing or two to say, but we don’t want to, and no one will want to see his fight either. We have to respect that.” The manager told the newspaper earlier.

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Fans and fellow musicians continue They are pressed as one So that Janos Kobor is cured as soon as possible.

You can view the Facts Plus report here:

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