Old but golden - the oldest snack bars in Hungary await you with the most delicious desserts

Old but golden – the oldest snack bars in Hungary await you with the most delicious desserts

You can choose from a large selection of great cafes in Hungary. Although it is nice to have many options, sometimes we want to make sure the quality is right before looking for a new place. Funzen He compiled a list of the oldest Hungarian desserts that have stood the test of time and proven to be worthy of their reputation.

What could be a better place for the oldest sweet shop in the country than the Castle District in Budapest? Although it had a family atmosphere, it carried the nobles and kings with its goods. While admiring the interior of the 19th century, you can taste the best Napoleon pastries in the capital.

Ruszwurm Confectionery, Budapest, Photo: ruszwurm.hu

Since its opening in 1858, chocolate coffee foamed into pastries, liqueurs, and sugary desserts has been tempting millions of visitors with sweets. Old classics are combined with new flavors and textures. It is worth visiting this place not only for the selection of delicious cakes, but also for the atmosphere of the last century.

The sweet shop opened its doors in 1789, and although it operated under a different name until 1869, the place never lost its charm. The person who made the business flourish was the wife of the person who gave it the name. Even after many renovations, the café shop retains its old charm and warmly welcomes visitors to sample the sweets on the multi-storey walls.

Don’t be fooled by the name, which means “100-year-old candy”! This place was actually opened in the year 1840. Entering the sweet shops feels like stepping into another century. The 200-year-old organ, the display case that stores antique dishes, and the tables for 6-7 all evoke the old times.

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100 years of sweets jeola sweets

Szazeves Confectionery, Gyula, Photo: https://cukraszok.hu/szazeves-cukraszda/

There are also many good candies in Szeged, for example Virág is the oldest of them all. As a testament to their excellent quality, they won a gold medal at the 1928 World’s Fair in Paris with their confectionery specialties. If you go in today, the furniture still reminds you of the early twentiesThe tenth century

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source: Funzen

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