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“Oh, if it shines again!” – On the sidelines of a scattered tour


To restore folk traditions, do a dance, as perhaps the greatest danger is that all this may one day disappear in the not too distant future. This thought may follow the reader’s day when he learns that the popular Harghita National Szekler has embarked on a scattered tour in the first half of September.

It can not be called a mega tour, the performance of Transylvanian Dance Tasting was held in only four settlements, instead of five places, because due to epidemic measures it was not possible to perform at Vice, but it can be said that the troupe is far from a successful performance series. We are talking about these four places, not only the inhabitants of a particular village, but also the surrounding settlements: Bálványosváralja, Szamojújvár, Felr, Árpástó, Bethlen, Tacs, Sófalva, Szentmaté, Zselyk, Várkudu, Cegőtelke, Sajószentanke, Brajószenke

The tour bus left Miercurea Ciuc on Thursday, and after a few hours of traveling, the dance troupe, which was in Szászrég, was already first. No one thought the dancers wanted to find Lawrence’s friend’s treasure, and in fact, they themselves brought value to the Eugen Nicoară House of Culture stage through their moves, as the grateful audience thanked the house with full house and constant applause. A dance experience they can’t try every day, a piece of Transylvania’s many dances.

After the performance, the band, packed and tired, set off to the tour’s permanent residence, which was located on the border of Farkudu and Betheln, where all target venues could be reached quickly. The second place was Dés, where the performance was in a similar mood as in Regen.

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A taste of the dance was presented to the audience who had been waiting for such a performance for a long time, and when a curious look wandered into the hall, he suddenly thought that only gray-haired people were sitting in the audience, but he soon realized that it was not so, there, and was It’s reassuring to see young people too. Quoting the words of László Sztojka, Dés-born writer and poet:

“It is impossible for you to get out of here without flashing before me brighter than all the lights and rays, oh, if they shine again!”

This quote best expresses the joy of the band having to confront them over and over on several occasions, and vice versa, since you wouldn’t expect them to perform in a place like many other nearby venues, appreciation surrounds the band, success follows them, and the reassurance that there is a future for folklore . As mentioned above, work on one of the planned sites, Vice, has been delayed due to the pandemic situation. It was an unfortunate situation, everyone was suddenly shocked by the decision, but thanks to the fact that the dance troupe was made up of recovered people, everyone invented themselves.

In the midst of all the activities we had the opportunity to visit the nearby Bethlen stud, founded by Béla Bethlen and this information was proudly provided by the current Roman leader of the place as a gesture to remind us of this from now on. It was good to hear this, because we were faced with the fact that something from the past has survived, even in such an area, and this confirms the mission and purpose of the group, to strengthen those who still stand and can do so in Hungary and their love of culture.

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After a short flight, everyone returned to the property, where they spent the rest of the day relaxing and resting. The next day, the group’s next stop was Magyardécse, the only Hungarian-speaking settlement in Bistrita Nussod County, Transylvania’s famous cherry-growing region, where nearly fifty different varieties of cherries can be found.

In contrast to the above, the band met here on a much smaller and more modest stage, but with greater interest and hospitality.

Young and old of the village flocked to the House of Culture and watched the theatrical production, which was rarely seen, with stingy eyes.

When I go to such a place, I often realize that it is much easier to keep Hungarians here in Szeklerland than, say, Magyardix.

He turned around in the afternoon and the band was back to rest. This time it was possible to unlock a new male member through an ancient tradition based on rituals adopted from the beginning. It was good to see that there were still ancient and unique customs of a forgery nature to this society.

Last day, Bistrica was designated as the venue. The exterior of the George Coșbuc House of Culture, located in a Saxon town 110 kilometers from Cluj-Napoca, does not give any hint to passersby of what the amazing scenery inside it will be like. When the wandering person looked around, he could not imagine how quickly the hall could fill up. This was also the case with the performance of the troupe, in which the permitted seats were filled in a short time and the show could already begin, freshly filling the audience with joy and entertainment. After that, the band set off for home, tired, but to put it another way, fulfilling its mission. Despite all the difficulties and limitations, he was able to rejoice in the settlements he visited and the surrounding countryside. According to Vilmus Cassani’s earlier formulation:

“It took a lot of fine-tuning for the ban to be so skillfully orchestrated by wealthy people that there was still so little freedom left, and that’s what the history of every culture is about.”

Because every such performance is an opportunity for the locals watching the performance to enhance their patriotic self-awareness, traditions and love for the past, which is now equivalent to the freedom of the Hungarians in Transylvania.

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The tour is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources, Director of Human Resources Support, the Csoóri Sándor Fund, and Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt.

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