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Off the Grid has shown itself at Gamescom

Off the Grid has shown itself at Gamescom

Neil Blomkamp needs no introduction to movie fans, but the director has been winking at something new these days: he’s developing a game! In this Gonzilla games He has a team to help him, who works with him Out of network coverage in the battle royale. The game was announced at Gamescom last year, but not much of it was shown then, mostly nothing.

It’s been a year since then, as the developers haven’t released the news either. However, the first demo of the game has finally arrived at this Gamescom fair, which presents selected scenes at roughly two minutes, while Neill Blomkamp himself (a Cyberpunk clone) pushes his rice.

Off the Grid is a futuristic TPS battle royale where 150 players will be able to fight each other on Teardrop Island. Players can also modify their character in the heat of battle, sculpting them into a true cyborg with robotic body parts and other enhancements.

In order for the game to flash something that other representatives of the genre do not do or rarely do, we also get a full-fledged single player campaign. This promises an additional 60 hours of playing time. It doesn’t sound bad, but for now, the above video is giving us a bit of a headache.

Overall, the images look quite convincing, although the environment is quite barren in places. At the same time, a very uncommon situation is that even the scenes recorded in the trailer are sometimes very choppy… This is a sign of the utmost honesty that this is the case Kids, here we go; Or is the development still not there to record at least two minutes of game material without any problems?!

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