Terepjáró készül a Toyota Corollából

Off-road vehicle made by Toyota Corolla

On the common floor plate with the standard Corolla, but with an all-new hybrid powertrain, the Originally submitted last year Toyota Corolla Cross in the fall of 2022.

The model’s point is much larger on the C-HR as it is smaller on the RAV4 (4460 x 1825 x 1620 mm, wheelbase 2,640 mm), although this is deceptive because the wheelbase of the smaller crossover is exactly the same. However, when you get a taller and sloping body, the headspace will be more spacious, which also makes the legroom larger. The trunk is more spacious than the C-HR.

Off-Road Vehicle Toyota Corolla 2

The big sensation is the fifth generation of the hybrid self-charging system that the Corolla Cross will receive for the first time in the world. The configuration, which can be ordered with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, is equipped with an electric motor more powerful than its predecessor, which allows it to take on more work than a gasoline engine, making the system more economical and torquey. In addition, Toyota engineers have redesigned the lubrication system, and the battery is not only stronger, but also 40% lighter than before.

Off-Road Vehicle Toyota Corolla 3

Off-Road Vehicle Toyota Corolla 4

System performance increased more than 8% overall, bringing the current engine to 197 hp. all-wheel drive version plus an electric motor with a power of 30.6 kW (about 40 hp); Both versions accelerate equally to 100 km / h in 8.1 seconds. Rideability is the strength of the fifth-generation hybrid system anyway, Toyota says: gas interactions are more linear, acceleration is more predictable, and speed is identical.

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Toyota Corolla 5 Off-Road Vehicle

The instrument panel is a 12.3-inch digital display, the central touchscreen is a 10.5-inch digital display, and the latter is completely new in terms of hardware and software.

Toyota Cross also receives T-Mate technology, which integrates Toyota’s latest generation of safety features with advanced driver assistance systems. The system offers new features such as anti-acceleration in the event of a low-speed collision and cornering prevention when crossing at an intersection.

You can get acquainted with the Toyota Corolla Cross from two videos below – one is shorter and the other is longer.

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