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Off-road: Hungarian championship continues in Transylvania

The Hungarian Open Off-Road Championships in Transylvania will continue on Friday and Saturday, and the competition with Satu Mare Center will be the first joint Hungarian-Romanian battle in the history of the field, MTI reports.

According to the press service of the race called Baja Satu Mare, competitors from five countries submitted their participation in the nearly 300 kilometer event and 42 Hungarian runners.


Competitors will witness six special stages covering 25 km twice on Friday and 60 km four times on Saturday.

They must prove in a place of unparalleled beauty, but on very challenging tracks, and according to the current situation, we are pleased that fans are also present at spectator points built on special theatres,” said Attila Kasato. Hungarian organizer of the match.

The organizer said, “There will be a lot of landmarks in the middle of the competition, because the field should cover a circuit of about three kilometers inside Satu Mare, which is not included in the evaluation, but must be completed.” Multiple Hungarian Champion.

The winner of the Baja Satu Marén composite will also be announced, but the Hungarian and Romanian competitors will be judged separately from the point of view of their national championship.

Czech Miroslav Zabeltal, who won the opening race of the Hungarian Open Off-Road Championships, will not start this time as he is competing in Kazakhstan.


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