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Obsidian will learn from critical feedback

Obsidian will learn from critical feedback

With The Outer Worlds, the RPG world will be bigger and the lighting and art style will be improved.

Briar Diem works for Obsidian Entertainment, the developer of Avowed, which is RPG script Forum Think of the critical voices that have addressed the video preview of Microsoft’s internally developed first-party game. According to the developer, the trailer wasn’t really good and the game looks a lot like the few images you can see below. Due to the color adjustment and poor video compression, the game may have looked ugly. It hasn’t been announced in alpha yet, so there will be room for improvement in the art style and lighting.

Unreal Engine 5 is used by Avowed, and for lighting processing, Obsidian will take advantage of Epic Games’ Lumen GI technology. Diem also added that the game has the longest time between Obsidian creations in alpha and beta. There will be plenty of time for good quality and bug fixes, so we can rightly suspect they plan to release the RPG at the end of 2024. Director Kari Patel and CEO Feargus Urquhart compared the game’s scale to The Outer Worlds and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, but Diem said the comparison wasn’t fair, calling it big and open, and you can see that the official comments were intended to lower expectations (it was originally called The Skyrim Experience).

And the developer added that they have a lot of work with Avowed, which promises to be bigger than the Obsidian games, because it was partially restarted in 2021, but although we did not see it in the trailer, according to him, the usual story will be all characters, tasks and mechanics. The game from Obsidian is at the Xbox Game Show 2020 in an announced game, it will be a first-person RPG set in the world of Eora (Pillars of Eternity) on a large North Island full of wild animals and unique environments. There will only be humans and elves, and a local plague to investigate.

No official release date has been set yet. It’s coming to Xbox Series and PC, but it’ll also be on Game Pass.

source: WCCFTech

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