Objective: unprecedented Hungarian economic success

Objective: unprecedented Hungarian economic success

Although it is not possible to make a complete comparison between the economic crisis of 2008 and the current one, it is clear that the current government acted more decisively and effectively than the Gyurcsany government in 2008. It only took a year for us to find ourselves at the forefront of growth with a faster recovery And more important than ever, as 2008 has been moaning by the state for nearly half a decade. However, it is good to see that this can be done differently.

Hungary on the “green road”

We will begin to dismantle illegal landfills and punish polluters. In a couple of years, we want to show an image of a clean and tidy country. We prohibit the distribution of single-use plastics. We allow return of glass and plastic containers as well as metal cans. Third, we will protect our rivers from waste from abroad

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said.

It’s been two years since the speech, so we looked at how Hungarian climate and environmental policy have changed during this period.

The vice president of the KDNP sees the Hungarian government as among the member states that will be able to implement the promised commitments and thus achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

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