Oath of Allegiance III. Caroline is the Prime Minister of Australia

The Prime Minister of Australia, despite his own opinion, pledges allegiance to a third. To King Karolyi at the King’s Coronation – Prime Minister Anthony Albanese himself spoke about this in Canberra on Friday.

In the failed 1999 referendum, Albanians voted for Australia to have an Australian as head of state, but agreed that a majority of Australians believed that a constitutional monarchy should remain rather than a republic. He added that he himself would represent this on Saturday, at the coronation ceremony in London.

Anthony AlbaneseSource: Agence France-Presse / Al-Bayan

My opinion on the subject has not changed and I have made that clear. I would like to see an Australian as the President of the State of Australia

– told the local ABC station.

he added:

This does not mean that one does not respect the current system of government.

As Prime Minister, I have a special responsibility to represent the nation in a manner that respects the constitutional provisions

– He said.

Third. King CharlesSource: AFP/James Glossop

Australia’s republican movement, campaigning for the country to become a republic, called on Albanians to remain silent when the Archbishop of Canterbury called on the congregation to take an oath of allegiance. However, the Prime Minister assured that he will follow protocol.

Albanese, who was raised Catholic, refused to take an oath in reference to the Bible upon his installation as Prime Minister, and made no mention of God or the King in his oath.

Six state governors will be present in the Australian delegation, and the leader will be Sam Kerr, the star of the women’s soccer team who currently plays for London’s Chelsea. Among its members there will also be a famous musician and comedian.

The Australian Government’s coronation gift will be a donation of A$10,000 (2.2 million HUF)

For the charity that supports the conservation of the endangered western parrot in Australia.

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