Nyíregyháza’s squad was reinforced with the Brazilian Legion

Nyíregyháza from NB I. A’Stúdió Futsal Nyíregyháza has been preparing aggressively for the continuation of the championship in the last few weeks on the field, but in the background the management and professional staff have also done a lot so that the team can look forward to the rest of the season strongly. As a result, the club has signed two Brazilian players who were presented in a press conference on Wednesday.

26-year-old Emmanuel Joao Rodriguez, nicknamed Manica, and 29-year-old Caique Alides de Oliveira, Caique, are regulars. Kaik has so far played futsal in his home country, a three-time regional champion in São Paulo, while Manica has also played in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan outside his home country.

– Our performance has exceeded expectations so far, we can get the newcomers behind us as planned, but we cannot sit back and be complacent, because it is easy to lose positions in the House of Commons after the regular season – The press conference has begun Doctor. Matte Mohagese General Director. – At the beginning of the season we start to build up in the meantime, if the professional crew deems it necessary and we have the opportunity.

The sporting director added that the players are confirmed for this term at the moment but, according to the agreement, they can stay longer if they perform well.

– When we got to NB I., we set ourselves the goal of staying in – take the floor Szabolcs Tinkeley, Managing Director of Sponsor Title. Half a season passed, we won the matches we had to win, but it seemed like we were out of the routine on the field, so we decided with the coaching staff that we needed to strengthen the team. After a long search, they were chosen. According to our calculations, this will have more returns. On the other hand, thanks to their qualities, we can rise to the level, and we are confident that we can offer a more interesting game, which we hope will lead to an increase in the number of viewers. We also expect our local players to learn from the Brazilian players.

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Players are signed after completing a lengthy five-step administrative process. Nyíregyháza FC has reached the end of this one, so there is also a chance that both players will play against Újpest on Friday.

My compatriot Mike Ramos, the soccer player for Nyrigihaza Spartacus, helped introduce the Brazilian players to the press conference.

– I have been playing football since I was six years old, and I started my professional career in 2015, and I played in several teams and achieved great success – said the 29-year-old kake. – My dominant foot is left, I can play on the wing as well as in the back position. I consider myself a strong but athletic player who can score goals, but I also love to provide assists, and I am constantly looking for opportunities to do so. I am very happy to get a chance at Nyiregyhaza and experience myself in Europe for the first time in my career. I owe special thanks to Tamas, Attila and Nurbi, who have helped me a lot so far, and the team also welcomed me with friendship. I thank the professional staff for their confidence in me and their belief in my abilities. I’m trying to thank you on the field. I am very happy and motivated to complete and help my teammates. Together we go towards our goal!

– I started playing futsal when I was nine years old at school in Joinville, where my father was the coach – The 26-year-old started his introduction Manica. – I played in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, as well as in many Brazilian clubs with a long history. I want to help my teammates and coaches as much as possible to reach the set number of wins. I am very grateful to all the team members for welcoming and trusting me, and I promise I will do my best for the team. I’m centered, and my right leg is dominant. I have a friend who has been playing in Hungary for four years, and he has always praised the country and the Hungarian championship. I recently arrived in Nyiregyhaza, but I already like it very much, it is a peaceful and quiet city. I joined a serious club, great professionals run the project, I love their dream, that we can achieve together. Tamas is an amazing person, he has treated me so well since my arrival. I hope I can return all the love as best I can!

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Team captain Tamas Heep explained further changes to the squad. Josef Gyulai has finished futsal, he just wants to focus on big football, Peter Lakatos also left our team. In addition to Caíque and Maneca, the top scorer of the U17 team, Dániel Urr, joined the senior squad. The transfer window runs until February 15, according to plans, and there will be no further team changes.

Cake Alides de Oliveira
Professional teams: Sorocaba, Mayrink, Osasco/Itapeva, Vibe/Bauru, Potocato, Amber, San Lorenzo, Transclub, Futsal Marsal.
His successes: São Paulo Region Champion (2011, 2012, 2014), Silver Medalist (2013), Bronze Medalist (2017), Cup Winner (2018), Cup Runner-up (2016, 2017), Super Cup Winner (2018); second place in the PR Federation Cup (2019); 2nd place in Santa Catarina Championship (2020); Mineiro State Champion (2021).

Emmanuel Joao Rodrigue “Manica”
His clubs: Jec/Krona Futsal, Umuarama-PR, Guarani-RS, Pulo Futsal, Atyrau Futsal (Kazakh), Araz (Azerbaijan).
His successes: Paulista Championship runner-up (2020), runner-up in the Kazakh league, champion of the Azerbaijani league (2021-2022), top scorer in the Champions League, 3rd place, many regional gold, silver and bronze medals for Brazil.

Futsal stand NB I.
1. Progress 17 13 2 2 93-32 41
2- Vesembr 17 13 2 2 73-35 41
3- Keskimet 17 12 2 3 81-41 38
4- Berettyóújfalu 17 12-5 70-4936
5- Aramis 17 11 1 5 70-4734
6- DEAC 17 9 5 3 78-3632
7. jpest 17 7 2 8 61-5923
8 Nyiregyhaza 17 5-12 46-7415
9- Ministry of Foreign Affairs 17 5-12 32-75
10- Nir Bator 17 3 1 13 40-84 10
11. Rubella 17 2 2 13 33-88 8
12- ELTE-BEAC 17 1 1 15 31-88 4

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