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Nvidia's president – PCW – had simple advice for job seekers

Nvidia's president – PCW – had simple advice for job seekers

Jensen Huang also revealed the reason why he refuses to wear the watch.

There's no doubt that one of the most famous contemporary figures in the tech world is Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, pulling the company's bandwagon.

Although Huang's company, according to rival Intel, has had luck with the latter, the Nvidia boss is a welcome guest at every tech conference, and at one of his recent presentations, he offered the audience career advice.

Huang has experience in this topic, having himself started his career in a fast food restaurant, then with a few intermediate steps became the co-founder and CEO of Nvidia. This time, the CEO was a guest at the China-American Semiconductor Manufacturers Association (CASPA), where he was asked what advice he would give to those who would secure their careers in the rapidly changing era of artificial intelligence.

The CEO, who visited both AMD and LSI Logic, responded by revealing that he loved every job, including washing dishes and cleaning toilets at Denny's, and that whatever task he did, he was always the best at it. He added here that the most important thing is to always be in the present and focus on the current challenges, which is why he does not even wear a watch and does his work with focus.

Finally, he told an anecdote about a Japanese gardener he met personally, who used small bamboo tweezers to clean his large Zen garden of dead moss. When Huang asked about the seemingly mammoth task, the gardener simply replied that he had plenty of time. According to Huang, this attitude is the important point when it comes to our professional lives:

“This is the best career advice I can give. Commit yourself to continuous learning and do the best work you can.”

So this is the secret to success according to the first person at Nvidia, which does not contain any great explanations, but on the other hand, it sounds a little more convincing from the mouth of a successful person than if we read it on a motivational poster.

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