Nurses in Australia must also work on the coronavirus

2,500 nurses in the state are currently quarantined for their illness, but many have been assigned to shifts despite testing positive: Australian edition of The Guardian I called him By having to do their job working with positive colleagues. District public hospitals in Sydney operate alongside smaller towns.

The nurses who reported to the newspaper reported that their superiors had verbally informed them that their asymptomatic colleagues or protective equipment would not be required to remain in quarantine to be hired. However, many have reported that it is clearly a symptom. They have to work with nurses coughing and sneezing.

The patient takes care of the patient

At a public hospital in Sydney, coronavirus nurses can only work in wards treating coronavirus patients, but other hospitals have reported that when contacting nurses with a negative test,

Patients not infected with coronavirus also participate in care

positive workers.

One worker said, “God help anyone who doesn’t come to hospital with coronavirus right now. It seems like we’re giving up everything, and I’m so desperate. It’s like a circus: coronavirus patients are taking care of the sick.”

They are breaking protocol

Protocols for state health workers have been relaxed in recent days: This allows health workers in close contact to return to work after a week of isolation if they are asymptomatic and need to work.

However, those who test positive will not be allowed to work.

The nurses, who requested that their names be kept confidential also said that the heads of the institutions did not formally make the decisions, but they did not have another chance because without positive staff, departments would not be able to operate.

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NSW has a very low number of health workers, so leaders have asked workers not to take time off and try to persuade them to stay in the area with extra money. On the part of the government, Australia is trying to suggest that all is well with the number of workers, but this is not the news.

They play Russian roulette

Brett Holmes, general secretary of the Union of Nurses and Midwives, accused authorities of being overly optimistic about the state of the health system.

“By trying to force potentially infected staff into hospitals, it puts everyone at risk.”

He said opposition to the initiative.

Holmes added that the practice runs the risk of spreading the coronavirus to at-risk patients in hospital, and playing Russian roulette, where patients can die from the virus.

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