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Nudists and swimwear-clad beachgoers are getting nervous with each other in Spain

Nudists and swimwear-clad beachgoers are getting nervous with each other in Spain

The main problem is that many people want to avoid being seen in the background of swimsuit selfies and social media platforms.

About fifty beaches in Spain, including Catalunya, welcome nudists with open arms. However, these bathing places are not only used by them, but also by those who wear bathing suits. According to the nudists, their traditions are not respected by others, in fact,

They are discriminated against on beaches specifically.

Segimon Rovira, president of the Catalan Association of Natural Nudists, wrote a letter to the local government asking to meet with political leaders to address the discrimination he believes nudists face on Catalan beaches.

The group is also planning a social media campaign and a fancy protest to raise awareness of this

Some beaches are designed for those who are “in time with nature”.

The “Textile Invasion”, as the local media calls it, the large number of tourists comes through social media. Travelers writing travel reports often mention the coast because of the area’s scenic natural beauty, but forget to mention that it is associated with nudity. Nudists feel uncomfortable because many people stay in bathing suits on these beaches. In addition, they also want to avoid their photos appearing on social media for security reasons.

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