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Nozzlopys students performed very well in the county finals of the Knowledge Championship

Nozzlopys students performed very well in the county finals of the Knowledge Championship

Published: Tuesday 23 April 2024 at 08:49

Marcali Noszlopy Gáspár Primary School and Art Primary School have participated in the 6-round correspondence competition organized by Bendegúz Academy for Children and Youth for 14 years, the district finals of which were held at our school this year as well.

Children can measure their knowledge in several topics. 5 of our students placed first in the district finals in 6 subjects. They advanced to the national final, which will be held on May 25 in Szeged.

Bozsek Bendegúz 6.a Hungarian language first place (Ágnes Bőle)
Ádám Jángli 6.a History First place (Katalin Zajsuken Bahi)
First place in Science (Gabor Boros)
Moldvay Marcel 6.B Mathematics 1st place (Beta Fulop)
Szaka Honor 8.B Biology 1st place (Gabor Boros)
Ábel Takács 6.c 1. Literature, understanding the text first place (Zsuzsanna Kovácsné Horváth)

Other results:

Second row

Dora Buzas 2.B Reading and Comprehension 6th Place (Csabáné Kiss)
Mathematics 28th (Thammas Henrietta)
Sarah Varga 2nd place B in Mathematics 22nd place (Tamas Henrietta)

3rd grade

Fanny Korosi 3.B Hungarian Language 3rd place (Erika Tothny Laczo)
Moldvay Borbala 3.C Reading, Text Comprehension, 10th place (Csabáné Nikula András)
Tamas Szabó 3.B Mathematics 13th place (Piroska Mirko)

fourth grade

Bonifác Bozsek 4.c Environmental knowledge 4th place (Ana Daniela Sikiris)
Richard Horvath 4.C Reading Comprehension 6th Place (Istvan Racz)
Mathematics 11th place (Anna Daniela Siqueris)
Matthias Sikora 4th place C Mathematics 10th place (Anna Daniela Sikiris)
Hungarian language, 13th place (Istvan Racz)

fifth grade

Veronica Farkas 5th place B Mathematics 9th place (Kesne Hato Beatrix)

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Sixth grade

Bozsek Bendegúz 6.a Mathematics 2nd place (Kissné Ható Beatrix)
Barnabas Laszlo Farkas 6th place in mathematics 4th place (Kesne Hato Beatrix)
Katona Kincső Hungarian language 6th place (Ágnes Bőle)
Balázs Kollár 6.c Advanced English (Mónika Pappné Kocsis)
Dorka Kovacs Hungarian 6th place 12th place (Ágnes Bőle)
Marcel Moldvay 6.B Literature, Understanding Text Third Place (Thammas Henrietta)
Naji Lynette 6.C Advanced English 9.Centre (Monica Papne Kocsis)

Grade 8

Gréta Horváth 8.a Advanced English Language 3rd place (Mónika Pappné Kocsis)
Bence Mate 8.B Biology 5th place (Gabor Boros)

We congratulate the students and middle school teachers on their excellent achievements!

We wish the students who made it to the national finals a good competition!

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