Now Windows 10 is annoying with a beep

Now Windows 10 is annoying with a beep

Error may occur when using 6-channel audio systems.

For now, it appears that Windows 10 is May fix bug on Tuesday However, the updates that became available did not cause any major problems The light shone An issue that affects relatively few, but is more annoying: 5.1 audio system users with their computers may hear high-frequency audio when using certain applications and under certain conditions.

You can turn off the beep on 5.1 audio systems by turning on a surround sound technologySource: Origo

The new bug affects the versions of Windows 10 released last year, the authorities are already working on a solution, and a patch that will come at some point in the future will fix the problem. Meanwhile, Microsoft has come up with two options to solve the problems: stakeholders will either try to use other apps in place of beeps, or activate one of the OS’s spatial audio solutions.

For the latter, right-click the volume control icon in the taskbar, then point to the surround sound menu, at least the Windows Sonic headphones option should appear at the factory.

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