Now there is a shortage of tampons in America

After baby food, tampons are now in short supply in some US retail chains, MTI writes. Pharmacy chains CVS and Walgreens confirmed to AFP that some brands are not available in certain regions.

Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of the popular Tampax brand, has admitted that customers may not get their usual brand in the United States.

In its letter, the company emphasized that this is a temporary situation and the Tampax team is working twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to meet the increasing demands.

An Edgewell spokesperson also acknowledged a problem with the supply of Playtex tampons, Carefree and Stayfree sanitary napkins, alleging a labor shortage at a Canadian supplier at a US factory in late 2021 and early this year.

Walgreens said it’s working with its suppliers to get enough products into every business. CVS said that if there is a temporary shortage of a particular product, they will try to replace it as soon as possible, “like toilet paper at the start of the pandemic.”

The deficit has been going on for months, but it has only received media coverage in recent days.

Patrick Benfield, According to a store management expert at Syracuse University, demand is soaring, among other things, because shoppers are stockpiling some brands out of fear of shortages.

Like toilet paper at the start of the coronavirus pandemic

– Tell. He added that there is a shortage of some materials such as cotton and plastic.

In the United States, for the third year in a row, demand for cotton has outpaced production due to increased demand for masks and health protective equipment. In addition, the expert added, factories were unable to operate at full capacity at the height of the coronavirus epidemic.

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In the case of baby food, the situation was even more dire a few weeks ago because the Abbott plant in Michigan was forced to close in February after certain products were suspected of causing the deaths of two children.

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