Now the coach came up with the idea of ​​a new championship بطولة

Now the coach came up with the idea of ​​a new championship بطولة

David Moyes, who previously managed Everton, Manchester United and now West Ham United, has advanced the Premier League overhaul.

It is not surprising that the Scottish specialist “guided” the two leading teams of his country, new champions Rangers and Celtic, who have been dominant in recent years, in the Premier League.

“It has to change in some way,” Moyes was quoted by the BBC as saying, “The burden on the big teams is huge with so many matches, so it needs to be reduced, at least on the local stage.

“I’m convinced the Premier League is a great thing, but the big teams have to play a lot of games. So why not the Premier League one and the Premier League two?” he asked, adding that the latter could be joined by two Glasgow teams.

Old company, which Celtic – Rangers in the Premier League? It looks so wildSource: AFP / Andy Buchanan

He didn’t elaborate the idea in detail, just hinting that in terms of halving the tournament, the best should play fewer matches.

Moyes said it was time for the UK to unite not only politically but also in football. This thing has already been partially achieved, as the best Welsh teams such as Swansea and Cardiff City have long been in the Premier League system, ie PL or Championship, which means that the idea is not useless.

However, the big difference is that while there is a semi-professional league in Wales, the Scottish Premiership is a professional league that works very well and you would never agree to lose its two biggest teams. It does not mean that any team other than Celtic and Rangers, who are once again strong, have no chance of a final victory.

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