Brexit: Domestic businesses are taking a respite in this regard

Now that the British are gone, the chancellor of von der Leyen will be the negotiator for Brexit

Michel BarnierChief European Union negotiator for Brexit from February 1 Ursula von der LeyenThe European Union Commission said on Tuesday that it will continue to act as a special advisor to the president of the European Commission.

Barnier will assist Ursula von der Leyen and Commission officials in implementing the EU’s exit agreement with the UK and will be an expert in finalizing the ratification process for the EU-London Trade and Cooperation Agreement on December 24th.

According to the Commission, with the conclusion of the Trade Relations Agreement, the mandate of the European Union Working Group on Relations with London ends on March 1. To support the effective and strict implementation and monitoring of agreements with the United Kingdom, the European Commission decided to form a new working group. The task force, which will work closely with the Office of the Supreme Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, will work on 1 March.

Marus SevkovicutThe European Commissioner for Inter-Institutional Relations and the President of the European Union for the Joint Commission for the Implementation of the Brexit Agreement with the United Kingdom has been appointed Co-Chair of the EU-UK Association Council.

The UK withdrew from the European Union on January 31, 2020. In December this year, the negotiating parties agreed to a comprehensive trade and cooperation agreement. The agreement must be ratified by both the European Parliament and the British legislature, and then the Council, which brings together the member states, must give its consent to sign the agreement in order for the treaty to enter into force.

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