Now legendary composer Silent Hill is also seeking a new episode, but someone really doesn't want that

Now legendary composer Silent Hill is also seeking a new episode, but someone really doesn’t want that

Akira Yamaoka, a recently featured author of the Silent Hill and The Medium games, gave AlHub a surprise interview. In response to a question, he said he was already working on a game, which will likely be revealed this summer, “you think it’s going to be what a lot of people want to hear”. This in itself is not a big deal (it is almost a complete fact that a new Silent Hill will be created, and rumors circulate about it almost every week), but it is more than that that the creators were asked to delete the sinister clip in which they were mentioned – at the same time, they did not The question of who asked them is answered, and stated that they will not do so, but they are very grateful that they have shared so much on the World Wide Web.

So the position is that we can still slowly take that fear may return, but we have no idea to whom we owe it. The most obvious answer this time isn’t the sure one – the rights are, of course, owned by Konami, but as the company continues to reorganize, it’s still unknown if they’re actually making anything for the new generation outside of PES, even if it’s a reference from them earlier. In the past, several independent sources talked about Silent Hill – or Silent Hills – recently working for one or more studios on behalf of Sony, they knew that the console manufacturer didn’t get an IP, just a “get it to use” loan. For an unspecified license fee Unfortunately, after it was found that those who did not want to remove the sentence that matched the semi-ad, we did not come close to a solution.

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If we can believe the legendary composer, it will be announced in the summer at the latest, and after fans have waited for this for a long time, we doubt that we will be able to endure this pair for half a month.

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