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Now it’s certain: airport security rules are changing in the UK
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Now it’s certain: airport security rules are changing in the UK

By June 2024, most airports will have to be equipped with special 3D scanners: with the help of these devices, those who pass security checks will have a more detailed picture of the contents of the baggage brought on board.

Thanks for the development already

Do not exceed the volume of bottles that can be carried on board at 100 milliliters,

But at two liters, and you won’t even have to take the laptops out of the bag – Writes BBC.

The change was originally scheduled to be introduced earlier, but due to the pandemic, its implementation has been delayed. Now all fluids and all electronics

It must be removed from the bag during the security check.

The capacity of jars, bottles and bottles containing sun creams, lotions and other liquids may not exceed 100 milliliters and must be placed in a transparent plastic bag.

These restrictions came into effect in November 2006, replacing the blanket ban on liquids on aircraft imposed by the British three months earlier in the wake of a debunked assassination attempt.

New transfer devices have hospital CT capabilities,

The new rules will only be introduced at airports that are already equipped with them. In addition to improving the passenger experience, the change is expected to make air travel safer.

As we wrote earlier, at the time the plan was leaked, the technology was already being used at some US airports. Originally, the UK also planned to introduce it by the end of 2022, but during the pandemic, the number of air passengers has dropped dramatically due to restrictions.

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