Novak Djokovic has also been banned from entering the United States

Djokovic is betting again in Dubai, making him among the top 16 of the Dubai Duty Free Championships after a smooth victory over Italian Lorenzo Mossetti. But while the United Arab Emirates imposes lighter entry requirements for non-vaccinators, conditions in the United States are more stringent.

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And the 34-year-old admitted he will miss some good races across the Atlantic. Even the big question is what will happen at the US Open.

– Not from today. I can’t go, I can’t enter the United States He said at a press conference after his victory in Dubai. – I can’t play there today. But we will see what happens. I mean, maybe things will change in the coming weeks.

Djokovic was hailed as a hero in Dubai anyway, unlike when he was forced to leave the Australian Open in Melbourne.

I couldn’t have asked for a better reception Djokovic said on the field after the match. – I was playing a game last time, so it couldn’t be a better place to start the season. The best possible experience for me, so thank you for welcoming me into the field. Two smooth wins in two sets, so I can be happy playing my tennis, especially after not playing for about three months. There were moments when things went great, but there were moments when I did an incomprehensible involuntary coercion. You beat a very talented Italian player who didn’t have much to lose. The windy conditions made the match difficult, but it was a very interesting experience for me tonight.

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How do we deal with our weaknesses?

Everyone has qualities that you want to hide from the eyes of the world. This can apply to both internal and external characteristics. However, in the case of the latter, we can often feel it Our imperfect gift, which is unique to us, must be covered.
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