Nothing: Dóri Buzás collected infernal fissured abs

Nothing: Dóri Buzás collected infernal fissured abs

One of the biggest stars and runners-up in Exatlon Hungary Season 3 can’t complain about his level.

Dory arrived in Dominica in perfect condition, giving the greatest experience of her life, but ultimately failed to reach the gold medal. Nevertheless, he earned more than 15 million HUF, gaining very significant experience.

A lot of time has passed since then, and my role has transformed into a form that many would envy. Even his most recent photo proves that he is in great shape and his muscles are very dry, almost not in excess.

“I’m proud of myself too, but most of all the coaches! I completed the first 4 weeks of getting in shape with my program, exclusively online. Great results, everyone from one to the next.” – The Exatlon Hungary star who is no longer in the All Star season wrote.

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“I brought some comments, photos and other sizes, I don’t want to post for personal reasons, but I think the lines speak for themselves!” The young star continued his interesting position trying to get the most out of himself.

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