Note I: A goal has been scored at Vidi Cscsút Silver Arena waiting for Szabics - VIDEO

Note I: A goal has been scored at Vidi Cscsút Silver Arena waiting for Szabics – VIDEO

first half:

For a long time, the first part of the game was well paced and vibrant. Obviously, both teams played for the victory, and Géresi was also invited to the Hungarian national team, while Dárdai was perhaps the most active of the guests.

Goalkeepers also had a mission, Kovac, for example, in the 18th minute, when Kees hit the curved Knesevic ball, but the White Castle goalkeeper was able to defend. On the other hand, Balaz Toth, who was also invited by Rossi, excelled in defending the young goalkeeper first with a close shot from Nikoliks and then in the attempt of Zivzevadze.

Secondly. Half the time:

Immediately after the role, a great position came. After a pass from Slagveer, Géresi turned to goal and then fired, the ball rebounded and fell towards the right side of the goal, but keeper Kovács got there and defended. With the post spinning, there was an opportunity on the other side as well: after a free kick from Petrjak, Zivzivadze hit the ball, Fiola curled up, but Szolnoki managed to block his superb attempt.

In the 53rd minute, Knezevic’s free kick went to the top right, but Kovács hit the ball with one hand – it was a great sight.

A quarter of an hour later, the first goal came: Jerisi wrote from the left, Spring effect He slipped from the five to the goal (1-0).

Meanwhile, Vidi has also developed two shady 11 options. In the 71st minute, Petrijak fell hard next to Zolnok. Vervar residents complained about a penalty, but the referee did not see it. In the 78th minute, then, as a substitute, Fanshaw fell into the scissors of Joao Nunes and Slagfer, but that was why Fede wasn’t 11 either, according to the referee. Moreover, even White Castle Legion got yellow – in this case, the guests didn’t really need it.

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In the 81st minute, after a trick, Knezevic’s shot from the right, his shot hit the outside of the goal post. In the 87th minute, Mance, who had come off the bench, fired just outside the goal.

Ultimately, 1-0, Puskás Academy’s advantage is now 8 points ahead of Fehérvár in second place, meanwhile Imre Szabics and his crew, who will soon be off the bench, can expect to get united together, especially in the Hungary Cup.

OTP Bank League, Round 26:

Puskas Academy – MOL Fehérvár 1-0 (Slagveer 68.)

Match minute by minute match here!

PAFC: B. Tóth – Szolnok, Joao Nunes, Spandler, Zs. Nagy – Slagveer, van Nieff, Corbu (Plsek, 74.) – Knezevic (Mance, 82), Géresi (Baluta, 82), Kiss T. (Deutsch, 89.)

White Castle: Kovac d. – Nijo, Moslio, Stobira, You – Viola, R Pinto (Hori, 76.) – Petrajak (Paula, 72.), Nikolix (Szabó L., 87.), Dárdai (Funsho, 72.) – Zivzevadze


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FTC-Thick 5-2 – Details are here!

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