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Note 1: Reprov does not know what tomorrow will bring, but he is proud of his team

Note 1: Reprov does not know what tomorrow will bring, but he is proud of his team

As mentioned, Ferencváros played a 1-1 draw with Puskas Academy in Round 28 of NB I football, so he couldn’t secure the 32nd league title in his history – but he also had a chance to do so in his next tournament against Kisvarda. In the post-match press conference, this is how the coaches are evaluated.


Serhi Rybrov proud to perform Ferencvaros (Photo: Attila Turok)

FTC Coach, Reprov They feel their opponent made things more difficult.

“It is always difficult to play against Puskas Academy. It happened for the tenth time that we scored a goal at the beginning and then ran after the score. I am proud of the team because the boys still want to win today, but it is very difficult to play against such a really organized group.”

The green and white coach said he was not disappointed that his team had not yet secured their first place in the league – the Ukrainian coach is feeling inferior for a different reason.

“It’s very difficult to play behind closed gates for so long because I can’t give the players the motivation the fans have.”

The FTC coach was asked at the press conference about his future. Reprov reacted succinctly.

“I have a one-year direct contract with Ferencváros. Even I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”

Serhi Reprov evaluation

“I would like to thank my team for their attitude towards today’s match. We tried to make celebrating singles more difficult – which we very much hope they will do, but we didn’t want that to happen today.” – The Technical Director of the Puskas Academy started his assessment, Zsolt Hornyák, Who said his team has undergone a great development.

“I got to my team that I would be disappointed after this result like today. But I don’t want to be a brat, we came to the FTC home with great humility.”

The Felcsút coach believes that his team cannot take the silver for the championship as a gift, but has a realistic chance of keeping the second place.

“I feel that I still have a lot of work to do: there is still room for improvement in the team game. But if that is the position that we will take in the next five rounds as is the case today, then I am not afraid that we will not be able to reach second place. “.

Zsolt Hornyák Rating

Football note I
Round 28

Ferencváros – Puskas 1 Academy-1 (0-1)
Budapest, Groupama Arena, Behind closed gates. Led by: Bognar
Julzerzo: Lydoni (77.), illness. Nunes (7.)

You can read more about the match here!

Note 1, 2020-2021, Round 28
Your site Player
Friday, April 9
Mesocovised – Kesvarda 0-1 MesokovsdAnd the City stadium Zoltán Iványi
Saturday 10 April
MTK Budapest – Budafoki MTE 0-0 Budapest, New Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium Peter Solemosi
Mol Fehérvár FC – Újpest FC 4–0 Sikisphirvar, Arena Salt Lake Mall Balázs Berke
Ferencváros TC – Puskas Academy 1–1 BudapestAnd the Groupama Arena Tamas Bognar
Sunday 11 April
14.30: DVTK – Baxi FC (TV: M4 Sport) MiskolcAnd the DVTK Stadium Csaba Pintér
17.00: ZTE FC – Budapest Honved (TV: M4 Sport) Zalaegerszeg, ZTE Arena
All matches are closed goalkeepers.
Note: the scorers’ list is here!
the work
1. Ferencváros TC 28 19 8 1 60–19 +41 65
2. Venice Academy 28 16 4 8 40-32 +8 52
3. Fahirvar Mall 28 12 8 8 54-32 +22 44
4. MTK Budapest 28 10 9 9 39-36 +3 39
5. Mesocovised 28 10 8 10 31 – 35 –4 38
6. Kisvarda 28 10 8 10 24–34 – 10 38
7. Baxi FC 27 10 7 10 55-53 +2 37
8. Újpest FC 28 10 5 13 37-57 – 20 35
9. Budapest Honved 27 7 9 11 39-39 0 30
10. Zalaegerszeg TE 27 8 5 14 44-50 –6 29
11. Budafoki MTE 28 7 6 15th 31-52 –21 27
12. Diósgyőr VTK 27 6 5 16 28-43 -15th 23

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