7 Things You Should Never Wear To Class

You’ve finally made it to college, limited rules and plenty of freedom. No fashion police and no dress code! Although you now have the freedom to dress the way you want, it’s still important to look your best or at least presentable when going to class.

Here are 7 things that you should NOT wear to class.

pajama gif


  1. Pajamas

No matter how early your class is or how late you are, pajamas are never ok for the classroom or outside of your dorm.

sagging pants gif

  1. Sagging Pants

No one wants to see your butt at nine o’clock in the morning or any time of day for that matter! Buy pants that actually fit and pull them up so you won’t trip when you’re running late for class.

cut off gif

  1. Cut off/ daisy duke shorts

It’s not classy when your butt cheeks are hanging out of your shorts.

club gif

  1. Club attire

Flashy club attire is not appropriate for class. It can cause a distraction in the classroom and be very uncomfortable!

high heels gif

  1. Heels

Not only are heels painful to walk in but they can ruin your back while walking around a huge college campus.

nike slides and socks

  1. Nike slides with tube socks

Nike slide are both comfortable and convenient, however not appropriate for class.

crop top gif

  1. Crop Tops  

I mean let’s be honest, do you really want your professor looking at half of your stomach…AWKWARD!


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