Not only is stuffed cabbage good when heated

Not only is stuffed cabbage good when heated

Leveraging the phenomenal performance of new game consoles and gamer PCs with amazingly powerful hardware, revamped versions of legendary old games emerge one after another. There are times when things go really badly and it feels like they just wanted to peel another skin off an already worn fox, but there are times when the end result is surprisingly good.

It recently caused quite a stir in the player scene when it was announced that they are working on a rework of one of the most popular Japanese role-playing games of all time. That’s because Final Fantasy VII, which was released in 1997, remains a sacred cow to this day, and many with it were a reason to upset the legend. This did not impress the publisher, and it appeared, as it should, in Final Fantasy VII on quite a few platforms. An improved version of PlayStation 5 has finally been released, and we looked at how good the hot soup could be.

Final Fantasy VII

The past and importance of the Final Fantasy series is well illustrated by the fact that Part 7 slowly appeared also a quarter of a century ago, in 1997, and then on the PlayStation 1 game console. This episode, which has been very popular in Japan until now, has become world famous and popular Through this episode, which gave a great impetus to the global spread of the so-called Japanese role-playing style.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeSource: Origo

At first, we were a little afraid that the current treatment would just mean drawing crease, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. Although the story is very similar to its predecessor, the gameplay has changed significantly and is in line with modern day expectations. First of all, it is important to note that the program can be enjoyed to the fullest by those who have not yet met JPRG or are not familiar with the contents of the previous sections. Totally normal people, beginners can participate, and you don’t even have to be a fan of manga or anime, despite the fact that interest in this direction helps with the inclusion.

what is he talking about?

FF7 Remake takes place in a futuristic, Earth-like world inhabited by humans and all kinds of other species, where science, magic, laser weapons, engines, fairies, rhinos, computers and ghosts all fit together. The planet is ruled by large giant corporations, which are already running heads of government to control people’s daily lives, absorbing the power of nature, the energy of the Earth, the so-called “mako”, to the extreme..

It is basically an action game with a lot of focus on teamworkSource: Origo

One of these giants, Shinra, is headquartered in a vibrant city lit by huge multi-story lamps called Midgar. Here a team of environmental terrorists are preparing for a real big explosion. They want to blow up one of the central reactors by hiring an ex-Shinra mercenary, and here we go.


Like this type of software, we run a smaller team whose members inherently have different capabilities, features and equipment. So, for example, one of them Chunky, withstands punches well, but in return he is slow and very unfamiliar with magic. On the other hand, another fragile little lady lays down from a blow but moves like lightning and can conjure beautiful spells from the sheath of her coat. Throughout the game, the choices they make must be incorporated to move forward in the story. The battle system has changed a lot compared to the old battles. More dynamic, a lot of things happen in real time, so dexterity also plays a big role as well as tactics.

The influence of the Far East can be felt along the way, but that does not put its mark on the gameSource: Origo

Of course, as we go forward, the initially closed world becomes more and more open. Our characters evolve, the player can determine their direction, and they collect the best of the best things. The ultimate goal is to somehow bounce back from Midgar, because it soon turns out that there is no realistic chance of defeating the main villain Shinra. To achieve this goal, you need to perform a variety of logical, clever and working tasks that represent the right amount of doses in the program, so we did not feel for a moment that we were bored.

Graphics, sound and mood

We’ve been expecting a lot from the visual world up front, seeing things coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake didn’t disappoint. The graphics are an amazing thing, 4K resolution (60fps) and great dynamic range are of course supported, and the end result is like watching a high-budget interactive animated movie.

The graphics are amazing. We often feel like we are watching a movieSource: Origo

The animation is impeccable, the textures are beautiful, the effects are great, and you can’t associate it with anything. The sounds are also well beaten, the sync is great, and the different music and sounds are just fine.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Japanese game and you can also feel the atmosphere of the island country’s cultural heritage.

The graphics quality has already been mentioned, but not that the manga and anime character is too noticeable, but that’s one of the core of the series, letting go of it might be a problem. So if someone comes up with these kinds of comics, cartoons, and animations, they are sure to love FF7 Remake too. But there is no particular problem even if someone does not have this style in their heart, because the gameplay is really good. By definition, we recommend it to those who love adventure games, RPGs, JRPGs, role-playing games, and fantasy. So if someone has been cured of motor racing or football, don’t necessarily buy it.

All in all, we can safely say that Final Fantasy VII Remake is worthy of its predecessor, now ready for worship.

A great handling that is not just a follower version, but in itself is able to show the evolution of the visual world, mood and gameplay.

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