Not only did they win, but the Independence Party of Scotland was completely strengthened

Not only did they win, but the Independence Party of Scotland was completely strengthened

Scottish voters gave a majority in the Scottish Parliament to the pro-independence forces

– He said Saturday evening, summarizing the unofficial results of Thursday’s Scottish Parliamentary election Nicola Sturgeon Scottish Prime Minister. He stressed that the principles of democracy then dictate that the Scottish people themselves can decide their future with the coronavirus crisis past, MTI writes.

In Britain, a number of elections were held on Thursday: in Scotland, seats in the 129-member Edinburgh Parliament had to be decided, and in Wales, seats in the 60-member local assembly had to be decided. In England, nearly five thousand candidates were elected to vote in 143 council districts, and in London, candidates were elected to 25 council seats and mayor positions in London. Final results are expected to be announced on Sunday.

Among the elements most anticipated for Thursday’s election were the Scottish Parliamentary elections. According to data received as of Saturday night and model calculations based on it, the Scottish National Independence Party (SNP), which rules Scotland, won 63 seats. Thus, the SNP, led by Nicola Sturgeon, would by far be the largest faction in the Edinburgh Parliament, and the party, although not obtaining an absolute majority, could reconstitute the government.

In a statement issued tonight, Nicola Sturgeon described the result as an extraordinary historic victory for the Scottish National Party. He said that although the final result was not yet out, it was already likely that the pro-independence forces won a larger majority in the Edinburgh Parliament in the current election than last time. The Scottish Prime Minister confirmed that in addition to the Scottish National Party, the Scottish Green Party has clearly committed to holding another independence referendum in the new parliamentary session that begins now.

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From the election data so far, it can be concluded that the Greens won nine seats in the Scottish Parliament, three more than the size of their current group. In her speech tonight, Nicola Sturgeon stressed that both the SNP and the Green Party believed that the timing of a new independence referendum should be decided by a simple majority vote by Scottish MPs.

Also not based on Scottish election results Boris Johnson British Prime Minister and no one else would simply have any democratic right to prevent the Scottish people from deciding their future in exercising their right to do so;

Scottish Prime Minister said. He added that if an attempt was made to do so, it would clearly show that the UK is not a partnership of equals, and would also show that the London government was no longer looking shockingly at the UK as a voluntary union of the states that make up the country. According to Nicola Sturgeon, this in itself would be a very strong argument for Scottish independence.

British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly stated that he is not willing to contribute to another Scottish independence referendum because he believes the 2014 referendum has settled the issue for a generation. Johnson hinted that a referendum on Scottish independence had already taken place in September 2014, but 55 per cent of respondents voted not to separate Scotland from Britain. However, in the referendum on Britain’s EU membership in June 2016, a narrow national average of 51.89 per cent of respondents voted to leave, while 62 per cent of Scots voted for more EU membership.

Since then, Nicola Sturgeon has consistently expressed the view that another referendum on Scottish independence should be held, as Scotland was forced to leave the EU despite its stated intention to remain, largely due to votes cast in England to leave. Al-Hashf also said in several statements that he is convinced that Scotland can return to the European Union in a relatively short time as an independent country.

But in his speech on Saturday, the Scottish prime minister also acknowledged that a new referendum would not automatically mean Scotland would become independent. He put it this way: The intention of the SNP is now to win the Scots to the cause of independence through patient labour. He also stressed that the primary task now was to bring Scotland out of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and a decision on the country’s constitutional future could follow.

Highlight: In a photo taken on May 1, people support a Scottish independence rally in Glasgow. MTI / AP / Renee Graham

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