Not much left, Hungary All Star Exathlon deadline is over

Not much left, Hungary All Star Exathlon deadline is over

Fans don’t have to wait any longer, the winner of the Exatlon Hungary All Star season will be revealed soon. The top female contestant and top male contestant will raise trending sports reality on TV2 on Sunday night, April 10, before the premiere of the channel’s new series, Pepé.

In recent weeks, the lives of Exatlon Hungary wrestlers in the Dominican Republic have skyrocketed. Champions and Challengers have been battling each other in a double-knockout system since last week to make sure that the truly best riders survive and overcome all obstacles in the race to reach the end of the All Star season.

Exatlon All Star Battle of the NationsSource: TV2

There are currently six champions (Dr. and Gergely Rozs) on the main prize of HUF 15-15 million. However, it is already certain that the tough girl will bid farewell to the competition tonight.

The transition stage and the single stage are not far away, so viewers can expect more and more exciting battles. In the next few days, before the start of the one-on-one fights, a total of two girls and two boys will bid farewell to Exatlon Hungary. This means that leaving the team in their fights in the week of April 4, the top ten outside players will be one step closer to winning the Exatlon Hungary All Star Cup.

At the end of the single fights, the semi-finals of Exatlon Hungary All Star will be shown on Friday 8th April at 8:00 pm, and the double final will take place on Sunday 10th April at 6:55 pm, where it will be revealed which girls and boys will win the grand prize 15-15 million forints, and you can tell yourself that it is the best in the history of Exatlon so far! After the inauguration of the hero, the new comedy series Pepe, starring Zoltan Mossi and Cornel Simon, will begin without ads.

Exatlon Hungary All Star Semi Finals – Apr 8, Fri 20:00
Exatlon Hungary All Star Double Final – April 10th at 6:55 pm
Baby – Premiere of a new comedy series – April. Sunday, 10 AM 8:30 PM

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